Activities of the organization mainly were:
School Education programmes:
During this financial year the society continued to run its schools in the above mentioned areas. There were more than 15 schools catering to students who number above 20000 in all these schools put together. In these schools convent type education is provided, for which there is great demand from the people. Good education and strict discipline are the aims of these schools.
HIV/AIDS awareness activities:
Networking with local NGOs who were working in AIDS prevention program the society conducted a number of programs for a plethora of people like SHG members, students, rural men aimed at spreading the awareness on HIV/AIDS in Villupuram district. The society took part in the World AIDS Day observance, exhibition and distribution of IEC materials. More than 16 programmes were conducted during the year. Besides, interaction with the people regarding HIV/AIDS.
Empowering the urban and rural women:
The society run by the nuns has the welfare of the women close to their hearts. Hence the empowerment of the women was high on the agenda during this year. The women were mobilized and Self-help groups were formed for them. They collected a particular amount every month and their money was deposited in the bank. And micro-credit system was brought in so that they lend their money to own people without falling prey to the money lenders, who charge exorbitant rates of interest. The SHGs were formed for the rural as well as the urban women and formation of SHGs for men. This money will enable them to invest the same in some alternative employment opportunities so that they could stand on their own legs and adopt improved life styles being freed from poverty and debt.
Literacy Classes:
Literacy classes were conducted for rural women and men so that they may possess the basic education and not remain in utter ignorance. Literacy classes were conducted also for school dropout children.
Community Care Centre Activates:
The Carmelite Sisters also referred many PLHAs to community care centre at Kalapet (Puducherry) to receive care and treatment.
The three orphanages were run by the society functioned fully during this year also. Here orphan children taken care of. They are provided food, shelter, entertainment and education and above all loving care by the Sisters of Carmelite Society.
Empowerment of the Dalits and Narikooravas:
The society works among the Dalits who are like outcaste in many villages. Awareness programmes for this are conducted among the villages. Besides, these houses were obtained for them so that they could a decent roof over their heads and not left at the utter mercy of the weather Gods.

The Narkooravas community was schedule tribes. They are very much affected by the Wildlife Protection Act, due to which they were not able to hunt the forest animals and sell them for their meat or extract oil from it to prepare medicines. Due to this started selling beads and chains etc., which was also not profitable. Hence the Carmelite Sisters gave training to them and enabled them to secure alternative employment. Some are also given income generating programme which raises their income level. Some youths who are interested in education are also motivated by training with skill programmes such as Computer training, Beautician and Tailoring training programme.
NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)
With the help of NABARD we now at present as part of the new project on agriculture we have formed 4 farmers clubs in 4 different villages and helping them in adopting the new techniques used in today’s farming. We have formed farmers clubs in the Thiruvennainallur block villages. The villages are Kannarampattu, Periyasevalai, Chittalingamadam and T. Grammam. The farmer’s club members attend the meetings organized by NABARD and learn new aspects followed in agriculture.
GAF (Gift A Future)
Link work with future gift for the development of Education. Its head office is in Chennai. From Villupuram district we have sponsored 34 schools from which we select poor children who are studying in English medium. The best performer among them from these schools are been awarded a scholarship every year. Through this project 855 children are been benefitted from these schools.
RNTCP (Revised National TB Control Programme)
This programme is for the people affected by tuberculosis. We conducted meeting in villupuram district for SHG’s, youth and community meetings also for the drivers, scavengers etc. regarding the symptoms and the precautions to be taken to prevent it. These awareness programmes have been conducted in 5 districts (Villupuram, Cuddalore, Perambalur, Dharamapuri and Krishinagiri). We conducted rally and inaugurated a board in the collector office which gives the knowledge about TB. With the help of which more than 80,000 people are benefitted. This scheme is operated at Thiruvannamalai, which is supported by Reach axshya project.
Goat Project and Cow Project
It is a revolving fund given to underprivileged people for earning income. This project functions in the nearby village named Thennamadevi. From this village 50 widows women are been given goats and cows to rear so in return they can gain income out of it. Last year it was given to 7 people out of 25 people. They have purchased cows and it has helped them to earn an income out of it.
activities based loan were given to 40,000 people in 685 Self Help Groups from 7 blocks (Koliyanur, Kanai, Kandamangalam, Vikravandi, Thiruvennainallur, Villupuram Municipality, Thirunavallur) around Villupuram District. More than 38 cores have been distributed to the people which have helped them to develop their life and has changed their life style. Many groups have reached their third cycle of loan which has helped them much to do their business in a better way.
Dropout schools
we have established 3 residential schools for drop-out and never enrolled girls. Some girls dropped out because they were needed at home to care for siblings, cook and/or take care of animals. Others were rescued from bonded labor in brick factories or sugar fields and mills, where their work was required to pay parental debts. The goal is to successfully re-integrate these girls into the Indian education system. We have KGBV at Andrayanallur, Thiruvenainallur, Thiruvannamalai and Coimbatore.
Kasthuriba Gandhi Baliga Vidhiyalaya Residential School) and RSTC (Residential Special Training Centre)
This school is specially for Dropout girl children – Assisted by State and Central Government. Through this project we are helping 200 poor dropout and never enrolled girl children are benefiting at Thiruvenainallur and Andrayanallur. Students those who are benefited through this school will continue their studies in colleges. We also have the follow up of the students after their 8th standard continuing their studies and guide them to have good education.
CHAI (Catholic Health Association of India, Secunderabad)
This is a project supported through CHAI for the welfare of physically challenged and mentally challenged children and youth in our district. We support 80-100 children through this project. We also give home based care for these children based on their needs. Therapies such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy etc. are also given.
Hilton Fund for Sisters, USA
In collaboration with this funding agency we have done many projects such as cyclone project, women empowerment, family violence skill training for youth was given on tailoring, beautician, electrician and plumbing. etc. presently empowerment of differentially able children and agriculture project is ongoing. During the floods in Chennai and Cuddalore in the year 2015 we received flood relief from the same funding agency amounting to Rs seven lakhs and it was used for the people affected in floods in Cuddalore district. We purchase the basic necessities such as clothing, buckets, mats, pillows, cots, rice etc and gave to the people in the highly affected areas. We have also constructed the compound wall for our building which was also sponsored by them.
Housing Project
The Karnataka province, Eastern province, Northern Province, Abudhabi community along with the Tamil Nadu provinces three schools of the CSST community has contributed to Krupalaya during the times of flood for the construction of small houses for the homeless people in the Karuveppilaipalayam village of Thirunavallur block. We have constructed 9 houses in this village.
We have under taken a new project for the construction of houses in rural areas where the bankers do not prefer to sponsor loan. The name of the agency is “Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance pvt ltd” People will be sponsored loan through this agency.
As our extension of service we have started to work in the Nagapattinam district in the Erukkur block, we have formed nearly 150 self help groups and creating awareness on saving and its importance. This will help the people to change their lifestyle. They work in nearly 18 panchayaets in which a few are Agara Elathur, Agani, Mathir vellur ,Vadarangam, and Senthankudi etc.
We have signed agreement with a funding agency from Delhi named "Finnovation" for the skill training program for the youth, which is on process of execution to be sanctioned by the donors.
Relief work in Cuddalore District
The relief work was done by the Carmelite sisters in Villupuram and Cuddalore district. People were helped at the time of distress. Many people suffered without their basic needs. The relief work was done by us the most in the Cuddalore district in four villages. According to their needs we distributed rice, mats, cots, pillows, utensils, buckets etc. The people were thankful towards us.
Krupalaya Special School
We have started a special school for children with Autism, Mentally Retarded, Cerebral Palsy and we also give Home based care to all those who unable to move from place to place. We support them through physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy Nutritional support and also teach them to read and write.
ASER (Annual Status of Educational Report)
This is a report prepared by Pratham foundation ,Chennai in which a survey was taken to grade the standard of education in our country (i.e) in rural and urban schools. Through our organization the survey was conducted in Villupuram and Nagapattinam districts, each 30 villages respectively.
Reach Axshya Project
Under this scheme we give tailoring training to tuberculosis(TB) infected and affected people which is been supported through Axshya. It is a three months training programme which will help them to gain many new skills and ability so that they may be able to earn an income out of such skills. This training was given to twenty beneficiaries.
AHF (AIDS Health Care Foundation), India Cares
AHF is a American organization which works through India Cares a Indian Organization. This project is for the welfare of the people living with HIV and for further linking them to the nearest ICTC’s, ART centre and having follow ups. At present, Krupalaya has undertaken this project in 7 blocks namely Koliyanur, Kanai, Kandamangalam, Vikravandi, Thiruvennainallur, Thirunavallur and Mugaiyur. We have identified 70 new PLHIV’s through our hard work in theses blocks.
WAD17 (World AIDS Day17, Camp)
We had ten days special camp in the month of November 17, in connection of celebrating the World AIDS day. The camp was successful and we also found a person to be HIV positive.
Link workers scheme (LWS) under this scheme awareness programmes are given to AIDS infected persons. This scheme functions in the Thiruvanamalai district. Under this scheme we work in 100 rural villages. We identify female sex workers; MSM, transgender, migrants and we link them to the public health services for STI, ICTC, ART and then their follow up back to communities. This scheme is supported by TANSACS by the State government. This project is being carried out for the past eight years at Thiruvannamalai district .It is a sub centre of Krupalaya Trust.
Skill Training Progrmme At Erukkur Branch of Krupalaya
The tailoring training programme is been functioning at Erukkur and Thiruvannamalai branch of Krupalaya Trust. The young women are trained for this skill training. There are two centre’s in each centre 30 women are being trained for this program
Tuition Centre
The government school 10th and 12th standard children are trained and given special importance regarding education. This is operated at Thiruvannamalai.
Housing Project
10 houses are built for HIV/AIDS infected, Blind People, and Differently able people at Thiruvannamalai district.
Krupalaya Palliative Care Centre is functioning at Konangipalayam, Panampattu old age home for the elders and orphan Children home for the children and the children are been educated at Natraj middle school at Nappalaya Street - Villupuram, after this some of them are sent to M.R.I.C High school- to take up their high school studies.
We have around 40 senior citizens and 50 children who are HIV and cancer infected and effected children. There are 42 senior citizens, of who 9 are mentally depressed. They are given up to date medication from GH. They are also counseled by one of the senior sisters. They are well taken care of seeing to all their needs. A descent burial service is given to them, when the relatives don’t turn up.
Cancer patients In 2016-2017 we had only 2 patients, they were taken good care of Mrs. Eugene who was 52 years old had cancer on the right cheek connecting to the throat.
After intense suffering she died on 5th January 2017, her body was cremated in order to avoid infection. Another person is Mrs. Leema, who is having brain tumor, she is given art and craft work, as she will feel better and happy. We take care of these inmates with the help of government funds under “Integrated Complex for senior Citizen and destitute children”
  • Every Saturday and Sunday they are taught Tailoring, Card Making, Jewel Making and Flower Making skills.
  • Eco-Friendly atmosphere in created by exposing them to the garden outside.
  • Life-Coping skills and sex education classes are given to them by the students of local collages as well as by the sisters.
  • They are given awareness on their basic rights and duties, to uphold the human dignity.
  • Krupalaya Short Stay Home The destitute women with any problem who come out of their families are allowed to stay in our home. In 2016-2017, we had 7 ladies, they were taught tailoring and craft work during their stay. After giving counseling and guidance they were hopeful to continue their life in a better manner, they keep in touch with us through phone calls.