School Education programmes:
The society is vowed to bring better health facilities for the people. But in today? India survival itself has become a problem due to the onslaught of the virus that brings in HIV/AIDS, with 5.1 million people affected by HIV/AIDS. Tamil nadu has become number one state in HIV Prevalence overtaking even Maharastra. Hence the Carmelite Sisters realized the need of the hour has put its heart and soul in the AIDS prevention activities such as the following :
HIV/AIDS awareness activities:
Networking with local NGOs who were working in AIDS prevention program the society conducted a number of programs for a plethora of people like SHG members, students, rural men aimed at spreading the awareness on HIV/AIDS in Villupuram district. The society took part in the World AIDS Day observance, exhibition and distribution of IEC materials. More than 16 programmes were conducted during the year. Besides, interaction with the people regarding HIV/AIDS.
Care Programs for those living with HIV/AIDS:
The Krupalaya have realized that they can be no prevention without care of the HIV infected. Hence we plunged into care programs for PLHAs. But the condition of these PLHAs turned out to be pathetic. While suffering from various diseases due to the onslaught of HIV they lacked food and medicines. Hence we started to supply some rice, cereals and other materials for them. We also referred them to GH, PHCs, Community Care Centre (CCC) and to other NGOs run clinic for treatment of their opportunistic infections treatment.

In Tamil nadu 80 per cent of the HIV patients have contracted tuberculosis (TB) hence the Government of Tamil Nadu had launched DOTS program into 2003, whereby the TB patients were administered TB medicines immediately after ascertaining their TB status. Thereby treatment adherence was guaranteed. This scheme was further improved thigh the RNTC programs. The Krupalaya fully involved in the PLHAs in the RNTC program so that, every one including the PLHA who suffered from TB received full treatment from the PHC and GH. Those who were not able to come to the hospital this had resulted in as many as 55 TB patients, majority of them PLHAs to be fully cured of their pulmonary TB. Besides these, the children of PLHAs to get admission in schools and pursue their education, irrespective of their status of their parents. The children were provided fees and other educational materials.
We have carried out women empowerment project from the year 2006 ?7 assisted by Missio Munchen, Germany. Through this project 800 women directly benefited and 1000 above are indirectly benefited, we have successfully completed it.
We have 5 Self Help Groups and we have given Skill training 300 SHG?d EDP training for 200 Groups ?isted by District Rural Development Agency Villupuram.
We have under taken Health System Project ?isted by Tamil Nadu State Government in which there are 6 counsellors appointed in Villupuram and Thirukovilur Government Hospitals. It is very successfully functioning and through this project we are able to help and reach out thousands of poor people.
HIV/AIDS project ?isted by CONRAD HILTON FUND FOR SISTERS, LOSANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA. Through this project we give awareness on HIV/AIDS in rural areas through our cultural group giving street plays, awareness songs etc., WOMEN EMPOWEREMENT assisted by MISSIO, FAMILY VIOLENCE Assisted by CONRAD N.HILTON FUND FOR SISTERS through this project we give counseling conduct street plays, leadership training income generating programme etc.,
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We have under taken Awareness on Environment ?lution project ?isted by State Government . Through this project we are giving awareness on pollution among the school children and to public in Urban and Rural areas.
We are working in (RNTCP) Revised National Tuberculosis control programme ( Communication Facilitator) Assisted by State Government . Through this project we are giving awareness on pollution among the school children and to Public in Urban and Rural areas.
We are working in (RNTCP) Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (Communication Facilitator) Assisted by State Government of Tamil Nadu. In which we reach 5 Districts in Tamil Nadu State and make the Urban and Rural area TB affected people to take the treatment regularly.
We have (KGBV) Kasthurba Gandhi Baliga Vidhiyalaya Resedential School for Dropout girl children ?isted by State and Centeral Government. Through this project we are helping 100 poor dropout and never enrolled girl children are benefiting.

Krupalaya was marching towards to Dropout School to educate the never enrolled children in the Society. So scheme under SSA, KGBV ( Kasthurba Gandhi Baliga Vidhiyalaya) Resedential school for the dropout children. We are very greatful to God for havinggiven this opportunity to work mainly for the young girls who are less fortunate ones, to make them stand up in the Society on their own legs. Out of many children we are able to produce 100 children who will become the future leaders . We are greatful to God for giving us the chance to brighten the future of the Drop Out children. Up to 8th standard they study in the Drop Out School, after completing their 8th standard they go to regular school for the 9th standard . These children are not only taught education but also other training like Computer Education, Tailoring, Emroidery, skill training , Music, to make surf, surf oil, candle, ujala, Sabena and shampoo. To become physically challenged they are trained with Karate, Yoga and Physical exercise. They even learn to make baskets out of palm leafs, woolen garlands, table mat, scarp band etc.

1. KGBV Residential Dropout School at Allangkuppam, Villupuram
2. KGBV Residential Dropout School at T.V.Nallur, Villupuram
We have under taken the Family Violence Project mainly to solve the problem of the family members. In this we have appointed a counselor and the field staff to have regular visit to the family members. We have adopted the villages like Anichampalayam, Poiyapakkam, Shanmugapuram Colony, Allanthur, Enathimangalam and Xavier Colony. We cover 800 families through this project. We are supported by CONRAD N. HILTON FUND FOR SISTERS.